Better food for more people

Fatso was founded with the goal of bringing better nutrition to more people. Nutritious food is a human right. Everyone should have access to nutrient dense and ingredient diverse foods. Good fats and low sugar should be the standard and not the exception. Fatso uses the cost effective peanut and a blend of almonds and seeds as a base to bring together good fats and fibre-focused ingredients without palm oil or sugar. We aim to provide more nutrition, benefits, and flavour, spoon-for-spoon, at a cost that is lower or competitive with high-priced specialty nut butters.


Fatso also ensures that a portion of their product goes to underserved communities in both Canada and the US. During the recent COVID 19 pandemic, Fatso donated over $200k worth of product to food banks, communities, and organizations that either had difficulty staying food secure or required funds to push their mission forward.


Fatso also maintains a strong commitment to social justice matters. We are committed to using our power, public profile, and product to help ensure the unheard, unserved, and unrepresented are acknowledged and lifted up. Our company aims to be inclusive, active, and supportive.


  • Accessible, inclusive and nutritious food
  • Good fats, whole ingredients, and amazing taste profiles. No palm oil, no sugar - ever!
  • Committed to nutritional density and ingredient diversity


  • Commitment to giving back to our local and far-reaching communities
  • BCorp Certified
  • Non-GMO, Vegan, Kosher, Gluten Free certified


  • Actively support and uplift social causes wherever and whenever possible
  • Strive for best practices in company, product, and philanthropy
  • Remain innovative and forward thinking