Fatso Peanut Butters
and Almond+Seed Butters

Fatso is your fave nut and seed butters boosted with plant-based superfats including organic coconut oil, MCT oil, chia seeds, and flax. Try luscious Classic, indulgent Salted Caramel, and our new intensely, delicious Maple flavours.

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Almond and Seed Butters
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Power to the Peanut Lovers!
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Our Customers Love Us

Best tasting natural peanut butter I’ve ever eaten! New house staple. I now get Fatso out for my friends with a spoon and have them try it. It is just that good you will not believe it could possibly be good for you. It really is a healthy alternative

Bonnie L

Nearly every time I go to put this on bread of any kind, it winds up in my stomach before touching anything from a bakery. As soon as it's scooped with a knife or spoon, an invisible force pulls it to my face immediately. Odd issue. Guess I will have to keep ordering and trying again

Adam F

I downed half a jar with a spoon and no self control! Left feeling satisfied, amazed and content. Absolutely NO GUILT and all the warm fuzzies. Insanely good product

David R

I love the flavour! I would put this in an IV bag and a wheel stand and walk around with this peanut butter in it if I could!

Terry F

Fantastic quality, great taste, I can’t ever go back to regular peanut butter

Jen M

Never before has peanut butter elicited an emotional response from me. This stuff must be what the Gods use to make their PB&Js

Naomi A