Team Fatso

Jill Van Gyn, Founder & CEO

Jill was born and raised in Victoria but left early to seek educational fortunes in Montreal at Concordia University. After hoping for a career switch she completed a graduate degree in international development, studying the nexus of an emerging oil industry in a post-conflict society in Northern Uganda. However, but like many of those born in the '80s, a good education did not a job deliver. Enter Fatso!

In November 2016 after much frustration, Jill threw her hands up and said: "well I guess I'm going to start a peanut butter company".  After launching Fatso, Jill was able to bring the brand to nation-wide recognition and has no plans of slowing down. Well, maybe a little slower as she finally grew her own little peanut who joined the Fatso family in September of 2019. 

Jill lives on the family farm, which doubles as Fatso HQ, with her husband Chris and two dogs, Javier, and Steve who are affectionately known as "The Idiots" for very legitimate reasons.   

Steve Biggs, Chief Growth Officer

Steve heads up the sales and distribution efforts for Fatso as Chief Growth Officer. In this role, Steve draws upon his 20 year CPG experience to link up great distribution and retail trading partners to fuel our growth both in Canada and as we expand into the US market.

Before joining Fatso, Steve was a National Director working in the Natural and Organic space at a prominent Canadian CPG brokerage firm. In his past role, Steve has worked with many distributive brands such as Method Products, KIND bar, Yogi Tea and Vita Coco.

When he’s not slingin’ Fatso, Steve is usually complaining about having too many hobbies (motorcycles, cycling, woodworking, and foraging for wild mushrooms). Steve and his family also actively volunteer for Surfrider Foundation and complete several beach cleanups every year. Steve is our resident Celiac, we point and laugh when we make delicious sourdough and baked goods. 

Courtney Patton, Operations Manager

Courtney mainly handles the day to day operations of Fatso including orders, e-commerce, customer service, and inventory. She keeps things organized and efficient and gets oddly satisfied by a well-designed spreadsheet.

Before joining Fatso as employee numero uno, Courtney was completing her Bachelor of Commerce degree at the University of Victoria. If she's not working in the basement suite of Fatso HQ, you can find her zipping all over Victoria in her Mini, spreading Fatso joy to local residents.

On her off time, she’s usually running up and down a soccer field or hiking a mountain. Courtney is our resident Millennial and is tasked with calling out Steve and Jill when they start to sound old and dated (which is a daily occurrence).

Jerome, Chief Peanut

Jerome came to Fatso at the same time Jill started the company.  He was the very first peanut to almost get turned into peanut butter but Jill spared his life and is now Fatso's beloved mascot. 

As a child, Jerome mostly hung out in the dirt doing nothing so he comes to Fatso with little to no experience except his in-depth knowledge of being a peanut. He is Fatso's most difficult employee because he's let his peanut celebrity go to his head and rarely helps with anything beyond public appearances. 

However, he is adored by Fatso fans everywhere and continues to be an asset for the company...for now.