Fatso Story

The nut butter game can be confusing. There are so many types and reasons why one is better than the other, and why one price is higher than the other. One thing was certain, the poor peanut was left out of the bougie nut butter conversation...

Fatso looked to change the peanut game and bring it back to its rightful reign as the lord of all butters. Jill Van Gyn, founder and CEO of Fatso wanted to make peanut butter work harder, give more and taste better than it had ever before. 

This super-powered peanut butter filled in dietary gaps that other nut butters couldn’t and elevated it beyond any peanut butter, or nut butter. The result is a prebiotic, high fiber, good fat-rich, flavour punch-in-the-mouth. Once you try it, you’ll understand.

Starting in the back kitchen of a local restaurant in Victoria BC, Canada, Fatso went from a side hustle to full-time peanut butter gig within a matter of months. For the first year and a half, Jill would load up her car and hand-deliver product to retailers both in Victoria and Vancouver. With wider distribution across BC and Alberta, parts of California and how Ontario, you can find Fatso in over 500 distributors and absolutely crushing it on Amazon.ca and .com

Jill’s own story is one to be discussed! After completing a degree in Political Science and an MA in Peace Building and Human Securities, Jill had trouble finding the right job that would keep her in Victoria and fulfill her career dreams. While doing her masters research in Uganda she learned the traditional Ugandan way of making G-Nut Butter, or peanut butter.

Instead of banging her head against a wall she decided to smash a few peanuts together and follow in the footsteps of the Ugandan women who taught her what the mighty peanut can do. Jill created her own way of creating a peanut butter that delivers the energy, good fats and brainpower. 

There is much more to the story, but I guess you’ll have to ask Jill to tell you the rest...