FAQs and Company Info

Fatso's First Steps

In November of 2016, Jill started making Fatso out of a local health food restaurant in Victoria BC. She started with two mixers, a ladle, a scale, and a funnel. Today, Fatso produces hundreds of thousands of jars every time they do a run at their Canadian manufacturer.

Fatso's Growth 

Since it's inception, Fatso has seen a growth rate of 250% year over year. In early 2017, Fatso was listed in all BC Wholefoods. This catapulted Fatso into the mainstream and gave to company the credibility they needed to start a nationwide expansion.

In Sept of 2018, Fatso officially launched in eastern Canada and brought on a national distributor solidifying Fatso’s place a national brand. In 2019 Fatso is welcomed into the united states via Wholefoods (PNW-Oregon and Washington) which is providing a road map to being a well-recognized brand across North America. 

Finding Fatso  

Fatso is available at almost all local fine retailer in Canada including independent, conventional, and natural and specialty retailers, and supplement stores. Fatso Is also widely available via e-commerce, found on Amazon.com, Amazon.ca and the eatfatso.com website. We want to make Fatso widely available to all consumers at a price point that people can afford, whether that be online or in stores, Fatso will be the most nutritious and tastiest nut butter on the market for the best value spoon for spoon.

Fatso's Location

The company is located in the Blenkinsop Valley in Victoia BC.  Fatso HQ doubles as a family farm for Jill, her husband Chris, son Remi, and their two dogs, Javier and Stevie, who are both rescues. To make it even more interesting, both Jill's own family and her 'almost' retired Mom and Dad, and their three-legged dog Alphie, are building houses on the property (a compound if you will). This will be a working farm where they grow fruit trees for Jill's many pies and will be attempting to build a citrus wall. This innovation might allow them to grow citrus in a climate where citrus does not grow. Never a dull moment.

Why Fatso - The Nut Butter Problem 

Fatso is made to be a highly accessible health food that is appropriate for everyone and for all different styles of diet lifestyle and nutritional needs. This links to the problem that we’re solving- the goal of Fatso is to be the most nutrient-dense and tastiest nut butter on the market that beast the competition in terms of price, remaining accessible to all demographics. It’s our mission to ensure that health-food is accessible without compromise.

Fatso's Future

New product varieties, packaging and formats, all with the premise of keeping nutrition accessible and affordable. Fatso plans on expanding into the US aggressively, over the next 3-5 years and the team is on a trajectory to expand as well.