Fatso Peanut butter is a unique blend of all natural peanut butter and super fats including organic coconut oil, avocado oil, MCT oil, macadamia oil, organic chia seeds and organic flax. Fatso also uses a prebiotic fibre derived from tapioca. This fibre provides a light sweet taste, a high dose of fibre, and is low calorie and low on the glycemic index. So, like I said - Its peanut butter...but way better.



Give me all of the fat - that good, healthy fat. Finally, after decades of fearing fat, we’ve come to know that fat is an essential part of a healthy and balanced diet. If you’re like me you live for peanut butter and it has been a staple in your diet for years. But then along came almond, butter, cashew butter and every other nut butter under the sun. Peanut butter got left in the dust. Well, Fatso is the happy medium between delicious and classic peanut butter and the fancy (often overpriced!) nut butters. Loaded with all the good healthy fats and fiber you want, low sugar, a classic peanut butter taste, and a hint of sweet coconut, Fatso is here to fulfil your peanut butter dreams. Great for keto, vegan, and many other lifestyle diets.


 The poor little peanut gets such a bad rap. Almonds are in and cashews are all the rage but the mighty peanut has quietly been the humble household staple for over a century. Why? Let start with the taste -NOTHING COMPARES - its, classic, irreplaceable and will never go out of style. Peanuts are also super good for you: they're are high in protein, minerals, antioxidants, and essential vitamins, and the monounsaturated fatty acids can help lower bad cholesterol. Finally, peanuts are an environmentally sustainable crop. They are incredibly easy to grow and can be found in climates all over the world including India, Asia, Africa, North America and Central/South America. Peanuts grow in abundance without a lot of labour intensity and require little water to thrive. So, to recap: Peanuts are a highly environmentally sustainable crop, they are nutrient dense, and they have a classic taste that simply can’t be replaced - that’s why peanut butter. Next question...