Recipe Contest!

Recipe Contest!

(Fatso Power Balls from @basicwithbails)

Hey Kids! I'm holding a  Fatso recipe contest. I constantly get requests for recipes and would love to be able to provide all of you with a collection of Fatso-inspired recipes to keep things fresh in the kitchen. 

I'm looking for power balls, banana breads, satays, soups, granolas, cookies, cakes, and everything in between. I will select a number of recipes to be featured on my instagram page and to have a permanent residence on my website. (Smoothies and bowls are fine if they are OUTSTANDING - because they are generally pretty straight forward - and must be submitted with a recipe)

I will need the full recipe with correct measurements and a nice photo. All credit will be listed alongside the recipe. 

Please submit through the Fatso Instagram DM or through the contact page

If I select your recipe for the website I will send you a jar of Fatso! But don't fret - every person who submits a recipe will be entered in a larger draw for a 6 pack of Fatso.

Open to Canada and US.